Memento mori [Remember that you will die]

Eir. Tsanira

Thoughts we used to be preoccupied with

Shortly before the start of the pandemic we talked about the prevalence of a fluid reality [Bauman] in the Western world, with its main features being the refusal to accept restrictions and limits, the unconditional domination of youth, the intense and addictive pursuit of pleasure and its instrumentalization of knowledge. The tendency to avoid mental suffering and mental toil prevailed, promoting and supporting the omnipotence of the individual, while at the same time there was a devaluation but also a denial of any damage and loss – to the point of the denial of death itself.

We know, however, that when the psychization weakens, when we have a decline in the mental capacity to process what is happening, the creative existence of the Subject essentially recedes. De-psychicization prevails and an attempt is made to refute reality.
Kristeva had asked a provocative question, asking if we still have a soul. Continue reading “Memento mori [Remember that you will die]”