Infant Observation (Greek Publication)

Παρατηρώντας το βρέφος

Title: Infant Observation
Subtitle: The method of the psychoanalytic infant observation
Editor in Chief: Efi Lagiou- Lignos
Editors: Lida Anagnostaki, Maria Maragidi, Aimilia Mpartzoki, Maria Tselika, Sofia Hasilidi
Introduction: Andreas Giannakoulas
Publications: Kastaniotis Editions

In this book is presented, for the first time in Greece, the method of psychoanalytic observation of the infant and its multiple applications through theoretical texts and clinical examples.
This is the
method introduced by psychoanalyst Esther Bick in the training of child psychotherapists in 1948 and had a huge impact on the training of psychoanalysts and psychotherapists worldwide, as well as on psychoanalytic thinking and research. Systematic observation of the infant is a unique experiential experience of the development of primary relationships and the organization of the psyche, as it acquaints professionals who are going to undertake clinical work, with the unconscious aspects of behaviour and early ways of communication. (FROM THE PRESENTATION ON THE BACK OF THE BOOK).